I love books about writers.

I love historical fiction.

And I love anything set in the flapper-fabulous period of the 1920s.

So this could be my perfect read.

It’s a beautifully written fictional account of Zelda Fitzgerald and her infamous antics with the love of her life, the equally infamous F Scott Fitzgerald.

And it’s on my list of Books For Writers because it’s an inspiring story about what it takes to be a writer and pursue the writing life.

It’s also an insight into what it’s like to live and love a writer. (Which may help us feel a little more empathy for our own loved ones.)

As proof of how much I enjoyed reading this book, I wished I hadn’t taken it with me on my 40th Birthday Trip to Paris – because it was distracting me too much.

From Paris!

All wanted to do was hide away in a cafe and catch up with Zelda and Scott and the Murphys and the Hemingways.

So, I highly recommend Z, if you love historical fiction, or any kind of fiction.

And if you don’t – this would be a great read to tempt you back to the joy of stories…


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“To steady myself, I wrote and I wrote and I wrote.” 

• • • 

~from Z; A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

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