This is an engaging, inspiring and riveting read from one of the writing world’s most popular authors.

Julia shares her early successes and failures in both life and career, as well as her writing regimes and creative processes throughout the decades since her first work was published.

Her candid story of her emotional breakdown whilst writing living in London and writing an opera is particularly heart-wrenching.

A generous and fascinating insight into a great writing mind.

(I’ve read it twice.)

Favourite lines from the book…

Just a few of the (many) passages I highlighted in my well-worn copy.

“It was possible that God had made me both a writer and a mother and I didn’t need to choose between the two roles.”

“Struck open-minded by my daily walks, I found myself striving to listen. It seemed to me there was a higher octave that I could hear if I paid enough attention. I could sense something and that something seemed to be guiding me.”

“Change the things you can.”

“I tried to write of the courage and stamina – the sheer grit – that it took for an artist to sustain an artist’s life.”

“Give time, time.”

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“You are a writer and writers write and it is writing that makes you a writer.” 

• • • 

~ Julia Cameron

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