What is Creativity Coaching for Writers?

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I sometimes get this question from writers:

How is a Creativity Coach different from a Writing Coach?

It’s a great question, one that I LOVE to answer. 

In short, Creativity Coaching is perfect for writers who need support with the creative process of writing, ie getting the words onto the page – rather than structure, critiques, publishing, marketing etc.

If you’re curious about this little-known support system for writers, read on to leanr more about the subtle but important distinctions between a Creativity Coaching and Writing Coaching. 

What’s the difference between a Creativity Coach and a Writing Coach?

All coaches offer slightly different services, depending on their expertise, skill set and passions.

Traditionally, a writing coach will help you with the many and varied aspects of the writing process. From finding time to write, to creating the first draft, to editing and publication support. Some writing coaches, or book coaches, will help with proposals, agents and promotion after the book is written.

A creativity coach is more focused on the actual creative process.

For writers, this means support with creating the conditions for writing, overcoming creative blocks and finding the clarity and confidence that enable you to get writing and enjoy the process.

As a Holistic Creativity Coach, my work with clients covers things like confidence and mindset, designing a do-able and enjoyable creative practice, cultivating the energy you need for your best writing, tapping into vision and purpose, and lots of other ways to support your most rewarding and successful writing experience.

This is my speciality – when I work with writers, my focus is the writer, not the material.

I love to help writers discover the optimum conditions for their happiest writing life, and how to make that a reality.

I love to help writers tap into their inner resources of inspiration, creativity, resilience, passion and confident expression.

I love to help writers reconnect with the joy of writing.

So in my work, creativity coaching for writers means supporting the writer through the many challenges of the creative process.

Together we work on issues such as;

• what to focus on

• where to begin

• how to keep going

• how to be more inspired and more often

• how to fit writing into a busy lifestyle

• how to bypass creative blocks

• and how to find more meaning and fulfilment in the writing process

My speciality isn’t to give feedback, critiques or editing help with the writing that emerges from our work together – though I do have many years experiences of taking the next steps and where to find support for those stages.

The way I do it, Creativity Coaching is designed purely to get writers writing, and enjoying the process.

If this sounds like the support system your writing needs, you can find out more about Creativity Coaching here, or review the packages below, designed especially for writers. 

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The majority of my coaching services are based on the many benefits of Email Coaching, which is particularly perfect for for writers. 

Current Coaching Programmes

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