Why I share Creativity Tips for Writers

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Writers, Writing is a suite of inspiring resources, creativity tips, & mindset tools designed especially for my fellow writers.

Here’s why…


Writers: Creative Humanitarians


Writers uplift the world.

Or at least, they can – when they get to do the work they love and do it well.

When writers hone their craft and get their work into the world, so many of us can benefit from their efforts and unique expression.

Can you imagine in a world without the literary classics and the most beloved popular writers?

Humanity is richer – and I believe, happier – for the great written works that individual writers have created.

So healthy, happy writers are good for humanity.

And, as a 9 Life Path (the Creative Humanitarian), I want to help more writers enjoy more ease, flow and success with the projects that call them.

But my work is not just for the good of humanity – I also want to use my expertise to make a difference to writers on an individual level.

I have been a writer myself for over two decades.

And I’ve been a passionate student of the creative process even longer.

I have learned, through studies, personal experience and client work, a huge amount that can help make the creative process of producing written works easier and more enjoyable.

I want to use this expertise to not only help writers get their words into the world more effortlessly.

And even beyond that, I feel passionate about helping them to enjoy their writing.

My work is designed to help writers delight in the process of writing, and to experience the many benefits of healthy, happy creative expression.

This is my driving ambition behind Writers, Writing; to help writers write, and enjoy the journey.

The writing life is not always the easiest of paths, yet I’ve learned that there are many simple things we can do to smooth the way.

This blog is where I share the simple, doable tips, tricks and life-tweaks that can make the difference between writing happily and well, or experiencing struggle or the angst of not writing at all.

Because I wholeheartedly believe that if we are called to write, life is so much better when we do.

And, thanks to the positive ripple effects of contented and productive writers, the world is a better place as a result.




Hi! I'm Danielle.

I'm a writer, designer and creativity coach.

With almost 25 years as a creative professional, plus my adventures writing and self publishing 4 books, I’ve learned A LOT about inspiration and the creative process.

Writers, Writing is my new service, designed to help writers prioritise their writing life, find their optimum creative practice and get writing again.

(Because if you're a writer, life is so much better when you write.)

For more details about me, my writing, courses and creativity coaching, please visit my main website, danielleraine.com, where you'll also find a special section, just for writers, in my Creativity Blog.

Or if you'd like to read the story of my own (bumpy!) writing journey, you can get started with a free sample chapter of my ebook From Wannabe To Writer.

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If you feel called to write…

…life is better when you do. 

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